Although Eastern Europe is literally the eastern part of the continent of Europe, there is no clear demarcation of the countries that are a part of it as the term is more geopolitical than physical. The physical land boundaries of the region are the Ural Mountains and River, and the Caucasus Mountains but these are irrelevant in the larger scheme of boundaries. Countries that make up this part of Europe have sometimes been described as a cultural entity with its main characteristics comprising Greek, Russian, Byzantine, Eastern Orthodox and influences from the Ottoman culture. Another definition of Eastern Europe is the term Eastern Bloc which emerged during the Cold War to group the former communist European states which were not part of the Soviet Union.
However, no matter what demarcation is used to mark the region, there is no doubt that this part of Europe is a melting pot of natural wonders with rugged mountain scenery, sprawling plains, and beautiful water bodies. Eastern Europe is a land bathed in folklore and festivals that have been passed down through the ages, like Poland’s Drowning of Marzanna, Bulgaria’s Golden Grapes Festival or Hungary‘s Busójárás. It is also a breathing museum of history with some of its remarkable monuments like the Constantin Tanase Theater in Bucharest, the Main Market Square of Krakow or the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic, drawing interested visitors into its past.

Los 11 Mejores Hoteles En Cracovia

Los 11 Mejores Hoteles En Cracovia, Polonia

Puede que Cracovia no sea el destino más popular de Europa, pero merece estar en tu lista de visitas imprescindibles. Como una de las pocas que logró escapar a la destrucción de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, Cracovia es también una de las ciudades más antiguas de Polonia. Es conocida por su bien conservado núcleo medieval…

Los 11 Mejores Hoteles en Praga

Los 11 Mejores Hoteles en Praga

Conocida como la Ciudad de las Cien Torres, Praga tiene una atmósfera mágica que atrae a más y más turistas cada año. Es la ciudad más grande de la República Checa situada entre el río Moldava en Bohemia Central. Praga también es conocida como la Ciudad Dorada y el Corazón de Europa. Fue incluida en…