Australia, New Zealand, and a few neighboring islands make up the part of Oceania known as Australasia, although there are slight variations to its definition. Australia considers New Guinea also to be a part of Australasia while New Zealand only includes Australia and itself as part of this region.
Australasia is a land of contrasts, with snowcapped mountain peaks, stunning beaches, a desert region, and breathtakingly beautiful fjords. It’s renowned for the spectacular Great Barrier Reef which has a myriad of marine life and also for its beautiful islands with their diverse yet unique flora and fauna. The history of this region visible in the rock art of the Kakadu National Park goes back 20,000 years while the gleaming spires of modern cities is a testament to the huge strides towards the future that the region has taken. Its cities are continuously ranked in the top category of the most livable cities in the world, with Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Auckland making the top cut. It is also home to one of the cleanest cities in the world, Brisbane. Although the indigenous population is a minority in both countries, the Aboriginal and Maori influences are evident in the music, dance, and art.