Similar to most of the other subregions of Oceania, Polynesia also comprises over a thousand islands in the central and southern Pacific Ocean. These islands are generally defined to be within the Polynesia triangle with the Hawaiian islands forming the northern vertex. However, several islands inhabited by Polynesian people lie outside this triangle. Some of the most remote islands in the world which have been inhabited since ancient times, such as Easter Island and Pitcairn Island are located in Polynesia.
Many of the Polynesian islands like Samoa and Hawaii are made up of volcanic islands as they lie in the volcanic hotspot. Mystical hidden caves, stunning coral reefs, and beautiful lagoons, fringed with idyllic sandy shores contribute to making this part of the world a paradise on earth which is still crawling its way towards modernization. Blend this stunning landscape with some amazing laid back island culture that goes way back in time, and you’ve got your perfect vacation. What is even more alluring about these South Pacific islands is that they are not overrun by tourists, which adds to their authenticity and uniqueness.