To many people, Western Europe with its rich architectural heritage of impressive castles and palaces, magnificent natural scenery, and distinct yet sometimes quirky culture, epitomizes all that is Europe. Manmade marvels abound in this part of the world that is equally blessed with natural wonders. France’s Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower, Salzburg‘s Hohensalzburg Castle, and Ghent‘s Gravensteen Castle are just a few of the manmade wonders that draw thousands to explore this part of Europe. On the other hand, the rich diversity of the natural landscape of Western Europe, from the stunningly beautiful vistas of Switzerland to the rocky outcrop of Le Rocher in Monaco, and the tulip fields of the Netherlands is as mesmerizing as the manmade structures which adorn them.
Another area that defines Western Europe is the art and culture that forms such an intrinsic part of this region. Some of the true legends of the art world, such as Michelangelo, Dali, Da Vinci, and Rembrandt called this part of Europe home. Throughout Western Europe, there is no shortage of museums and galleries where one can get lost in the beautiful creations of these masters. Besides art and culture, another area that is toasted in this part of Europe is food. Each country has its own distinct burst of flavors in food and drink, whetting the appetite and cravings of thousands of visitors.

11 Best Hotels in Monte Carlo

11 Best Hotels in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is situated along the French Riviera and on the Mediterranean Sea, that’s why hotels in Monte Carlo, Monaco offer an amazing view of this part of the world. It’s known for its lavish wealth, casinos, and glamorous events. The Monaco Grand Prix and Monaco Yacht Show are the events held annually in the…

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This is our second visit to Monaco, Europe’s most glamorous principality and the second smallest country in the world. The geographical position of Monaco which sits atop a narrow coastal area with its three sides surrounded by France and its southern side facing the Mediterranean Sea makes it an ideal destination for tourists and nature lovers. We…

A Luxury Idyll Called Monaco

Monaco‘s name inspires many to dream about luxury yachts anchored in the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Parties filled with European nobility and the world’s most powerful celebrities. Billionaires and Millionaires spending their fortunes playing roulette or blackjack. The Principality of Monaco or simply Monaco is the second smallest state and the most densely populated…