Monaco does not have an extensive land area to boast of but what it does have is character. Synonymous with the annual Formula One Grand Prix, and casinos, Monaco exudes wealth, charm, and hedonistic pleasures. Even if you don’t have a swanky car to drive you into town, there are plenty of affordable things to do in Monaco.

Its beaches are free to visit and so is the seductive scenery. Le Rocher, a rocky outcrop is especially charming with its old town and palace, Palais du Prince. The palace is where the oldest monarchy in the world resides. Although it is a private residence, the public can visit at certain times of the year. Another place worth your time on Le Rocher is the iconic Musée Oceanographique. Its dramatic location and outstanding aquarium leave many visitors wide-eyed.

Monaco’s most famous area Monte Carlo is just three kilometers long, sitting on a large rock, Mont Des Mules. Far from being a quaint town on the French Riviera, Monte Carlo is an urban sprawl with money stamped all over it. One of the top things to do in Monaco is to try your luck at the gambling tables especially in Monte Carlo’s legendary Grand Casino. Even if you’re not a gambler you can take a tour of the extravagant building in the morning.

The month of May is when Monte Carlo sees the who’s who descend on its streets during the iconic Formula One Grand Prix. The only motor race in the world held on the city streets, the atmosphere the Grand Prix creates is quite unparalleled.

Nature lovers will love the Jardin Exotique, a garden with the world’s largest collection of cacti and succulents. If exotic plants are not your area of interest go for the spectacular views. Monaco has plenty of views that will leave you spellbound.

Whether you’re visiting Cannes, Nice, or the other resort towns on the French Riviera, your visit to Monaco will definitely leave an impression.

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