Denmark is about the good life, a country that strikes the right balance and ticks all the right boxes for visitors and its residents. A trip to this Scandinavian country will soon make you realize why Denmark regularly makes it to the top of the list of the happiest or most livable countries in the world.
Green sustainable living is a way of life here and bicycles take precedence over cars. So don’t be surprised by the sheer number of cyclists on the street. Over 50% of commuters in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, use cycles to get around.
Another feather in Denmark’s cap is that it has the lowest level of corruption in the world, which naturally translates into better living conditions. No wonder the word ‘hygge,’ meaning a feeling of coziness, contentment, and well being has come to be associated with Denmark.
Although it may not be glaringly evident, Denmark comprises over 400 islands, of which 72 are inhabited. While the autonomous Faroe Islands draw a fair number of visitors, one of the more popular island destinations is Ærø, renowned for its hospitality and scenic beaches. Bornholm a sun-drenched island in the Baltic Sea is blessed with some of the better scenery of the country with its white beaches and rocky cliffs. The island is a big magnet for locals as well as outsiders who revel in the laid back lifestyle while indulging in some of the best food Denmark has to offer.
A trip to this part of the world will make you realize the inspiration behind children’s author, Hans Christen Andersen’s, best-loved fairytales. The impressive Egeskov Castle in Odense, Anderson’s quaint hometown, could easily be the setting for any of his stories. Likewise, with many other spectacular castles that are scattered throughout the world’s oldest monarchy.
Copenhagen too flaunts its historic past in the cobbled squares, turrets and grand palaces. However, the chic capital city has an equally vibrant present which is evident in its modern architecture, fashion, and gastronomy, boasting of over 15 Michelin starred restaurants.

Top 10 Things to Do in Copenhagen

Top 10 Things To Do In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a dynamic and trendy Scandinavian metropolis as well as the beautiful capital of Denmark. Visit one of the city’s many art, history or warfare museums, world-class shopping in the charming streets of the city center, one of the city’s trendy neighborhoods or enjoy gourmet cuisine in one of the city’s Michelin starred restaurants.…