England has all the trappings that make up a good fairytale. Mysterious moors, isolated castles, ancient woods, towers and dungeons, and a queen living in a regal palace! Flick the pages of this ancient land and you’ll never get bored with all that there is to discover.
From the enchanting White Cliffs of Dover to its craggy shores scattered with beaches, 34 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the dramatic Hadrian’s Wall, and its national parks, the countryside will seduce you like no other. Although England is largely composed of gorgeous plains, there is an equally scenic mountainous side to it. Take a walk in the UNESCO listed Lake District of the north and you will understand the inspiration for William Wordsworth and the other great Romanticists. The glittering lakes, forests, and craggy fells will probably bring out the poet in you too.
Still not convinced? Then walk the Pennine Way to the Peak District to drink in one of the most scenic areas of the United Kingdom. Equally evocative is the Cotswolds, a region that is characterized by golden stone villages and stately mansions, each with their own little garden.
However, don’t be fooled into thinking that England is all about its rural countryside. English cities will leave you as ‘gobsmacked’ as the countryside. The UNESCO listed city of Bath, with its grand Georgian architecture, the intellectual aura emanating from the haloed halls of Oxford and Cambridge, the cobbled streets of York, or the foot-tapping music of Manchester, will definitely leave you with a whimsical sigh.
If you’re looking for something more hip, then London is the place to see it. This trendsetting city where its past blends in seamlessly with its present will definitely leave you starry-eyed. You’ll find yourself gawking at impeccably turned out fashionistas, iconic landmarks, world-class museums, and extensive urban parks almost everywhere you look.
When you’re done with your explorations, there’s nothing better than to pop into a cafe for the quintessential English afternoon tea, served with some delicious scones and cream or delectable cucumber sandwiches. Perhaps you’ll be inspired enough like Dickens, Austen, Shakespeare or JK Rowling to whip out your pen and create a masterpiece.

Top 10 Things To Do In Bath

Top 10 Things To Do In Bath

Bath is one of England’s most beautiful cities. Located near Bristol airport and just over two hours away from London. Bath has a  history that dates back thousands of years. A hugely popular place. The city welcomes visitors in their hundreds of thousands every year. They are drawn to the stories of its famous residents…

Top 10 Things To Do In Manchester

Top 9 Things To Do In Manchester

Manchester is a special city in North West England with a rich history and culture. This once largest industrial metropolis has transformed itself into England’s edgy northern capital – it’s the home of some of Britain’s biggest music legends, iconic landmarks, a multitude of shopping, thriving arts, culture scene, world-famous sports and entertainment facilities. Take…