What is WOW Travel?

It is a nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to promote tourism from and to every single corner of our planet. We firmly believe that only through traveling we will get rid of cultural boundaries that separate our nations these days. Tourism is not only an activity that helps local communities grow and improve their quality of life but also encourages them and us to learn about each other. We learn new traditions, languages, religions and more. Through traveling and interacting with others we discover that we have more things in common than we thought and only by traveling we learn to love others even though they are miles aways from us.
Life is about collecting memories and the best way to do so is travelling. If you are looking for a place to gather ideas on where to go and what to do once you get there you’re in the right place.

Who We Are?

We are travelers with 16 years of experience who would like to share their knowledge to help you plan your next unforgettable trip. Our avid readers are well-traveled people who are constantly looking for a new destination and updated information and useful tips to plan their journey.
Our team has traveled across the world and visited more than 95 countries (and counting), hundreds of hotels and restaurants, visited the most important museums and attractions worldwide and more.
WOW Travel’s writers love adventure travel, beaches, family travel, festivals and events, typical food and traditional drinks, honeymoon destinations and romance, luxury travel, wildlife and nature so they speak from experience and they continue to travel to new amazing places to learn and to share with you all there is out there to see and enjoy.