Israel may be small in size and relatively young in age but it packs quite a punch on all fronts. Whether it’s the impressive Roman ruins of Caesarea, the International Style of Tel Aviv‘s architecture, the haunting pink-hued landscape of Makhtesh Ramon, or the complex politics of the country, Israel will leave you floored.
The world’s lowest point, the Dead Sea lies within its environs, and a visit here is one of the top things to do in Israel. However, a visit to one of the most ‘lifeless’ places on earth will awaken rather than dull your senses. The cobalt blue waters with their white deposits and breathtaking surroundings, characterized by reddish cliffs punctuated by dark green vegetation are sure to evoke a whimsical sigh. In sharp contrast to the therapeutic tranquility of the Dead Sea are Tel Aviv’s lively beaches with rolling waves and watersports.
Not far from the Dead Sea is the gorgeous Ein Gedi National Park, featuring an oasis and some scenic walking trails. Steep canyons, sparkling pools, and tumbling waterfalls are just some of nature’s wonders you’ll encounter on your wanderings through this area. Another must-see in the area is the UNESCO listed Masada, an ancient fortress strategically located on a flat plateau overlooking the Dead Sea.
When you’re done with exploring Israel’s spectacular natural landscapes, head to the urban sprawl that gives Israel its unique character. Whether it’s the walled port city of Acre, the ancient city of Jaffa, Jesus’ hometown Nazareth, or the Bahá’í revered city of Haifa, you’ll find much to mesmerize you about urban Israel. The capital Jerusalem is a must-see, the holiest of holies,’ one of the most religious cities in the world for its religious significance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The tangible spiritual magnetism of the city attracts many pilgrims. However, if it’s another kind of renewal that you seek then Tel Aviv is where you’ll find it. With its ever-evolving culture and facade, one of the world’s most expensive cities is where you can truly let your hair down and dance the night away.

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Located in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea (the lowest point on earth) and surrounded on all sides by valleys. Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is one of the most ancient cities in the world with an intriguing history that stretches back thousands of years combined with a bustling modern…

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