Scotland is about dreamy lochs, lonely gothic castles, craggy peaks, verdant glens, and spectacular wildlife. It’s also about men in tartan kilts, the haunting melody of bagpipes, and lively ceilidhs. Scottish culture is deeply rooted in every aspect of everyday living where good food, smooth whiskey, and foot-tapping music top the list.
Scottish food has been reinventing itself with its well-stocked pantry of fresh produce. Renowned chefs stir up a feast with fresh catch from the waters that abound. While ‘haggis’ is still big on the menu, Scottish cuisine has diversified. A popular accompaniment to any meal is Scotland’s national drink, whiskey. There is so much that goes into making the perfect golden liquid that it has earned a legendary status.
The true flavor of Scotland is not just in its famed distilleries but also in the beautiful outdoors where golden eagles soar high above the lochs and mountains. You can easily lose yourself in the beauty that is the Isle of Skye. Dramatic craggy slopes of the Cuillin Hills, velvet moors punctuated by sparkling lakes (lochs) and looming sea cliffs all make for great photo ops here.
Scotland’s lochs have inspired poems and songs with their mystical beauty. Their mist-covered waters have also conjured up monsters, such as the infamous Loch Ness monster. However, there is no denying their haunting beauty. One of the most beautiful lakes is Loch Lomond, just an hour’s drive from bustling Glasgow. Part of Scotland’s first national park, the lake with its speckle of islands and bluebell shores is a treat for the eyes.
The Scottish Highlands with their rich history has also been the inspiration behind many creative minds. Stunning mountain scenery topped by the highest peak in the British Isles, Ben Nevis, tumbling waterfalls, wooded glens and isolated castles, add to the allure of this region. Step back in time at Inverness, the main city of this region.
Scotland is as much about its cities as it is about the outdoors. History resides in the stunning castles and monuments that characterize its cities. From the oil-rich granite city of Aberdeen and the waterfront of Dundee, to Scotland’s gorgeous capital Edinburgh, the cities will entrap you with their warmth and history.


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