Mother Nature has blessed Iceland with an abundance of visual treats, creating a canvas so spectacular it’s sure to take your breath away. In this country of nature’s paradoxes, you’ll find ice-covered volcanoes, geothermal lagoons in the midst of frozen landmasses, moss-covered lava fields, and gushing geysers. Winter’s dark nights are brightened by the mystical lights of the Aurora Borealis and summer nights by the midnight sun.
About 11% of Iceland is covered by glaciers, some that are so stunning they’ll leave you awestruck. Vatnajökull, the largest icecap outside the poles is a vision in ice with over 30 outlet glaciers. Paradoxically, bubbling beneath its surface are a number of active volcanoes and mountain peaks. The ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ has earned its moniker for the sheer number of active volcanoes that exist in this icy region. Volcanic eruptions have shaped the land for centuries and created some of the most amazing scenic wonders.
Volcanoes have also contributed to the creation of another of Iceland’s defining features, the geothermal waters. A favorite pastime of the Icelanders is a relaxing swim in these warm waters that are everywhere. The most famous of these natural hot water pools is the Blue Lagoon located about 40 minutes from Reykjavik.
Stunning fjords and waterfalls also add to the lure of Iceland and are best experienced by taking a drive along the iconic Ring Road or hiking. The country is a hiker’s paradise with scenic trails attracting locals and visitors during the summer.
Although Iceland’s natural beauty more than compensates for its lack of monumental manmade structures, the capital city Reykjavik does have a few outstanding landmarks. The Hallgrímskirkja, the tallest building in the country, and Harpa, the unique concert venue are iconic landmarks that are a must-see.
Whilst the country is a land of spectacular vistas, Iceland’s real treasure lies in its people who are renowned for their warmth, hospitality and literature. There are more poets and writers in this part of the world than any other part of the planet. A fact that is hardly surprising given the breathtaking inspiration that they are surrounded by.

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