Slovenia abounds in natural riches with its green forest cover, snow-capped peaks, mesmerizing rivers, and a welcoming coastline. Slovenia’s outdoors is undoubtedly a huge drawcard for visitors with skiing, hiking, and river rafting ranking high on the list of activities. However, its cities are also as noteworthy. Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana with its hilltop castle and art nouveau buildings is as travel-worthy as the historic Ptuj.

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city strikes the right balance on all counts. It’s small enough to explore on foot but has all the trappings of a bigger city. Lively clubs, theater, concerts, and interesting exhibitions are as much a part of the city as is the splendid architecture. While the Old Town gives you a deeper insight into the history of Slovenia’s capital, the Museum of Modern Art allows you a peek into Ljubljana’s progressive mindset.

Another standout city in Slovenia is the historic Ptuj. History buffs will be in their element in this town with its imprints of various civilizations stamped across various monuments. The Romans, Huns, Avars, Slavs all occupied the city at some point in history and left their distinctive marks on the land. Likewise with the stunningly beautiful town of Piran. This Mediterranean town is an explorer’s delight with its medieval Venetian port and gorgeous setting. You could easily mistake it for a popular coastal town in Italy, minus the tourists.

Slovenia’s beauty undoubtedly lies in its natural landscapes but its Lake Bled is a beautiful mix of both. It’s a stark example of how man can add his elements to a landscape without disturbing its natural beauty. The tiny baroque chapel on a scenic islet, combined with a dramatic cliffhanging, medieval castle blends in well with the natural setting. In fact, it adds just the right touch of drama to an already stunning canvas of nature. It’s no wonder that crowds flock to Bled during the summer.

Slovenia’s attractiveness is not just skin deep though. Go beneath the surface and you’ll discover a wealth of treasures within its stunning karst caves.

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