Although the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina appears to be landlocked on the map, it has a narrow 20 kilometers coastline on the Adriatic Sea. This, however, is just a tiny part of what makes this country so appealing. Apart from its natural surroundings, a rich complex history, spanning six historical civilizations, has given the country its distinct character.

Putting the scars of the 1990s civil war behind it, Bosnia Herzegovina is gradually becoming a popular travel destination as visitors discover all that makes it special. Numerous ruins of medieval castles, cascading waterfalls, roaring rivers, and breathtaking mountain scenery are just some of nature’s wonders that draw visitors to this culturally rich land.

The country encompasses the central Dinaric Alps and is gradually growing as a popular destination for bargain value skiing. Apart from skiing, white water rafting is another popular activity along the three rivers that flow through the country. Europe’s deepest river canyon, the Tara River Canyon also lies in beautiful Bosnia.

When you have mountain vistas and flowing rivers, you know stunning waterfalls are also as much a part of the scenery. The enchanting Kravica Waterfall formed by the Trebižat River does not disappoint. Ending in a beautiful emerald pool that entices visitors to its waters in the summer, the cascades are a must-visit.

Besides nature’s bounty, Bosnia’s capital is another big draw for visitors. Sarajevo, the capital city, with its delectable East-meets-West vibe is steeped in history. Landmarks from its religious past, stare broodingly from prominent locations in the city. Cathedrals, synagogues, and mosques are poignant reminders of why Bosnia’s capital was once known as the ‘Jerusalem of Europe.’ The brutal scars of the longest siege in modern European history are also clearly visible but that hasn’t dented the resilient character of Bosnia’s capital.

Another popular destination is Mostar with its world-renowned bridge, historic architecture, and vibrant cafe scene. Also, of significance is the pilgrimage center of Međugorje which is fast becoming one of the most religious cities in the world.

Unassuming human warmth, a rich history, vibrant towns and cities, and stunning locations combine to create one of Europe’s best low-key travel destinations.

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