Boundaries sometimes overlap when categorizing Southern Europe as many of the countries listed in this part of the continent are also listed in other broader regions. However, the one unifying factor in this group of sixteen countries that make up this part of Europe in the Mediterranean Sea. Quite predictably, the food and culture are influenced by the climatic conditions of the region, as is the landscape. Visitors head to Greece’s Santorini or Croatia’s coastline in droves to experience first-hand the wonders of the Mediterranean lands. While Spain and Italy are the most industrialized countries in Southern Europe, the rest of the countries in the region rely greatly on agriculture.
Southern Europe too is dipped in history, and the remnants of great civilizations and cultures are visible in the ancient ruins and great monuments. The grand Colosseum of Rome, the Alhambra in Granada, and the San Giovanni Fortress in Montenegro are a testament to the region’s glorious past. Southern Europe’s fascinating present is reflected in the well-heeled cities of Milan and Barcelona and in the gastronomic centers of San Sebastian and Bilbao.

The Best Hotels in Podgorica, Montenegro

11 Best Hotels in Podgorica, Montenegro

Podgorica is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, making it extremely easy to explore. This also means you don’t have to spend a long time enjoying everything the city has to offer. During our trip, we had a lot of fun exploring the exciting cafe culture, sampling the delicious food, and enjoying the hotel facilities.…

The Best Hotels in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

11 Best Hotels in Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

While Montenegro has a lot of attractive destinations, Sveti Stefan is arguably one of the most iconic landmarks! This little town is ridiculously picturesque, with every corner being worth taking a photo of. While we were there, we were awestruck by the stunning terracotta houses, historic buildings, and stunning beaches. It’s the perfect destination if…

The Best Hotels in Budva, Montenegro

11 Best Hotels in Budva, Montenegro

With a vibrant nightlife, plenty of sandy beaches, and historic architecture, Budva is one of the top travel destinations in Montenegro. Budva has tons to offer as one of the Adriatic Coast’s oldest cities. You can spend your day relaxing at Becici Beach or sample the local cuisines at one of the many restaurants. Or,…

The Best Hotels in Kotor, Montenegro

11 Best Hotels in Kotor, Montenegro

Have you ever been to Kotor? As one of Europe’s most gorgeous coastal cities, Kotor is definitely worth a visit. This beautiful gem is globally loved for its stunning location, historic past, and picturesque views. A day in Kotor means you can admire the ancient walls and visit one of the city’s many charming museums.…

The Best Hotels in Perast, Montenegro

11 Best Hotels in Perast, Montenegro

There are so many historic places in the world worth visiting, but you can’t have this conversation without mentioning Perast. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Center, this lovely town in Montenegro is home to many historic sites. You can also visit the Bay of Kotor by boat easily. And trust us; the views are worth…

Places You Must Visit While In Montenegro.

13 Places You Must Visit While In Montenegro

Welcome to the country of exceptional natural beauty and diversity of landscapes, rich architectural and cultural heritage, a long history and hospitable people. The picturesque country of Montenegro is a small Balkan country in southeast Europe with a beautiful coastline along the Adriatic Sea. Known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, it is a place…