Some of the most visited countries in the world lie within the continent of Europe, which is bordered by Africa, Asia and two oceans – the Atlantic and the Arctic. Europe may be the world’s second-smallest continent by land surface area, but there is no lack of diversity in the countries that are part of it. Visitors are generally amazed at just how quickly a separation of a few miles can transform one culture into another. Languages change and the taste buds are exposed to a whole new range of gastronomic delights.
Europe packs quite a punch on all fronts, be it the spectacular natural scenery of the Alps, the romance of Venice, the lure of Scotland’s glens and lochs or the beaches of the Mediterranean, there’s no dearth of stunning scenery to leave you ‘starry-eyed.’ For those interested in history and the arts, the attractions are mind-boggling. One can literally step back in time in the numerous medieval cities like York, Siena, Saint Paul de Vence or Prague or get lost in the Moorish palaces of Andalucia or the imperial palaces of St. Petersburg. If spirituality is what you seek, the grand monasteries and spectacular churches of Europe are sure to satiate the restless heart.

Top 10 Things To Do In Ljubljana

Top 10 Things To Do In Ljubljana

Few people know where it is, even less can pronounce it, but Ljubljana, the capital and largest city of Slovenia, is one of the most charming towns we have visited in our lifetime and it has all the right ingredients for the perfect city break. Ljubljana is a small city, and you can see everything pretty easily,…

The Best Hotels in Piran, Slovenia

11 Best Hotels in Piran, Slovenia

The beautiful coastal town of Piran is one of Slovenia’s many gems. With charming narrow streets and gorgeous Venetian-style buildings, Piran is an ideal travel destination for those who want to stay somewhere quiet while enjoying the picturesque surrounding views. Being a small town, the number of accommodations available in Piran is not as many…

11 Best Hotels in Ljubljana

11 Best Hotels in Ljubljana, Slovenia

There are so many reasons why you should visit Ljubljana. The capital of Slovenia is a progressive city that hosts a bunch of Italian-inspired architecture. We’ve tried the food there, and trust us; it’s second to none! Thanks to the car-free downtown area, low-emissions public transport, and tons of new cycling networks, Ljubljana was named…

The Best Hotels near Lake Bled, Slovenia

11 Best Hotels near Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, home to the only Island in Slovenia, is arguably Slovenia’s main attraction. This travel destination is set in the northwest of Ljubljana. We decided to visit Lake Bled because of the picturesque views it’s popular for, and we surely made the right decision. It boasts a beautiful hilltop castle, sparkling waters, and a…

The Best Hotels in Novo Mesto, Slovenia

3 Best Hotels in Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Slovenia is no big country. However, there’s a plethora of gems waiting to be discovered! One of them is Novo Mesto, a small city that’s nothing short of lovely. Our team had the chance to spend a few days there, and it truly exceeded our expectations. The Old Town is charming, and walking along the…